The Vouliagmeni Marina is located south of Athens, 20 km from the port of Piraeus, in Vouliagmeni of the Saronic Gulf, adjacent to the Astir Palace Hotel Complex. It has 103 places for yachts and pleasure boats and its depth ranges from 2.5 m to 5.5 m. It is open 24 hours a day, with its experienced and friendly staff ready to help you. Sailors are available to offer their services whenever required.

Coordinates Astir Marina Vouliagmenis

- North: 37 48
- East: 23 46.5

Distances from the Marina

- Astir Palace Resort: 500 m.
- Astir Beach: 700 m.
- Glyfada 5 km
- Athens International Airport: 35 km
- Port of Piraeus: 20 km
- Syntagma Square: 25 km

Astir Palace Resort 500 m.Astir Palace Resort
The Astir Palace Resort complex is situated in the heart of the most cosmopolitan area of the Athenian Riviera, Vouliagmeni. From the uniquely beautiful natural environment of the private peninsula to the endless blue of the Saronic Gulf, this exquisite land is a unique getaway for relaxation in the Mediterranean.

Astir Beach 700 m.Astir Beach
Discover a nationally innovative beach concept, based on state-of-the-art design and environmentally friendly facilities. The Ástir Beach is not just a favourite summer getaway, but also a leisure destination throughout the year. It is dominated by white and the colour of natural wood. Their combination creates a harmonious symphony with the other natural colours of the environment, such as the blue of the sea and the green of the lush vegetation.

The Temple of Apollo Zoster 700 m.The Temple of Apollo Zoster
This dominates the sandy Astir Beach, beside the sea, bathed in bright light of the Attic sky, justifying its identification with the god of light, Apollo. It was founded at the end of the sixth century. B.C. as the most important sanctuary of the ancient municipality of Alon Aexonidon, which coincides geographically with the modern areas of Voula and Vouliagmeni. Because it was founded on a sandy beach, below sea level, it was repeatedly flooded by groundwater and sustained significant damages. After approval of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, a drainage study was prepared and works carried out in 2011 under the supervision of the Z Inspectorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, financed by ASTIR PALACE S.A., resulted in the salvation of the monument and its enhancement.
Vouliagmeni Lake 3 kmVouliagmeni Lake
Surrounded by the natural beauty of its landscape, it is a real pleasure for visitors. In its discreet modern facilities, you can enjoy swimming and exercise in its natural healing thermal springs. The lake of Vouliagmeni has been declared a natural monument and a protected wetland. It is included in the National List NATURA 2000 and is protected by the International Convention RAMSAR.
Acropolis 25 kmAcropolis
Acropolis = acro [edge] + polis [city]. The Acropolis of Athens is the best known acropolis in the world. It is a flat-topped rock that rises 150 metres (490 feet) above sea level in the city of Athens, with a surface area of about 3 hectares. It was officially declared as the most eminent monument in the list of monuments on the European Cultural Heritage on 26 March 2007.
The new Acropolis Museum, which houses antiquities from the Acropolis, was officially opened on 20 June 2009.
Syntagma Square 25 kmSyntagma Square
Syntagma Square is at the centre of Athens, in front of the current building of the Greek Parliament (the former Old Palace). The square is closely linked with Athenian and Greek history. Up to September 1843, it was called Plateia Anaktoron (Palace Square). It took its current name after the Revolution of 3 September 1843, in which Otto was forced by the military garrison of Athens to convene a national assembly and a draft a Constitution.
Sounio 35 kmSounio
Sounio (or Kavo kolones or Kavokolones) is a cape located at the southernmost tip of Attica. It rises almost vertically from the sea to a great height, with a steep and rocky coast. It is known for its significant geographical location but also for the ruins of the ancient temple of Poseidon found there. In recent years, because of its environmental significance, the area was declared a national park.

Entrance Coordinates: North 37 48 | North East: 23 46.5
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