Astir Marina Vouliagmenis
Marina in Italian and Spanish means seashore. By extension, it signifies a quay, dock or basin. Colloquially, marina means a fenced in type of harbour, an area with moorings for small and medium-sized yachts, facilities for their repair and maintenance, supply and storage services and various ancillary services.

As an answer to a specific need and functionally independent from other ports, marinas essentially first appear after 1960. Until then, the few yachts docked in existing ports (passenger and commercial) or in fish-wharfs on the mainland and the islands.

The point that hosts the Vouliagmeni Marina today used to be called the Harare Port, while the broader region was called Kokkina Chomata. Its current form originated from two islands that were joined with the mainland. The pier of the marina was constructed first while the facilities extended to the left entrance of the harbour.

Agios Nikolaos...

During the 1950s, the painter Nikos Xenos transformed the stone cave adjacent to the Marina into a beautiful church, Agios Nikolaos [St. Nicholas]. According to Georgios Kasidokostas, his father, Nikolaos, appointed guardian of the Lake that belonged to the Ecclesiastical Property Administration & Management Organisation (ODDEP) was ordered by priests, to go by boat - assisted by four of them - to demolish the church, as it was erected without the appropriate license.

During the crossing, as they were calling out each otherĘs names, they noticed that they were all called Nikolaos, just like the founding painter and the honoured Agios Nikolaos and thus called off their plan, allowing us to enjoy this unique architectural jewel today.

About yachting…

A yacht can be a sailboat or motorised vessel and yachting is a leisure trip, which when lasting one day is called a leisure trip and when it lasts longer leisure tourism. Since ancient times, yachts - luxury ships are known to have been used for the journeys of rulers or wealthy individuals (Ptolemies, Byzantines, Venetians). Yachting was developed in the 14th century by the Dutch. The English term yacht originates from the Dutch jacht jagt, which means fast-moving. Yachting became established and acquired its own tradition initially in the countries of northwestern Europe (Holland, Germany, England, Scandinavia) and later in America and the Mediterranean (France).
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